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  • Our service is free to you
  • No obligation service to you
  • We make it easy by doing the legwork
  • We compare a huge range of loans
  • Advanced loan system finds best loans
  • Our independence ensures best loans
  • We translate lender jargon to English
  • We assist you complete documents
  • We manage your loan
  • We give you back your time

Time Finance & Home Loans helps you get the best home loan for your needs. With access to hundreds of loan products from one of the largest panel of Australia's leading banks and major lenders, you can be certain that we will find the right home loan for you, not just the first time, but every time you need finance. We understand finance.

Using our sophisticated loan filtering technology, we will tell you who is going to offer you the best rate, who will loan you the most, and what the fees and charges are. We will then manage the process completely for you, helping you quickly and smoothly turn your financing needs and property dreams into a reality.

Don't waste your precious time doing what we do all day long, use your time wisely and enquire now. We will make the time to listen to your needs and provide you with a professional, no cost and obligation free service that will save you a lot of time, effort and confusion.

With mortgage brokers all across Australia, we are ready to help you now.

Whatever it is you need, we will listen and assure you of our professional service to help you get a great loan for your circumstance.

We make sure you get the best loan options, professional service and no-hassles. This is what we do as mortgage brokers and the benefits of why you should use Time Finance to help you are guaranteed.

Benefits of Using Time Finance

Our service is free to you

We will meet with you, help you decide which is the best loan for you, do the paper work, lodge your loan, follow-up with the lender, and do all of the hard work on your behalf, at no cost to you.

We get paid by whichever lender you get a loan with. This does not impact you or detriment your financial situation or affect any of the benefits of your loan in any way. Lenders pay us as their broker out of their own budget.

Do not pay any broker for assisting you with your residential loan enquiry - see us and we will do this at no cost to you.

We're ready when you are

When you're ready, you can contact us anytime to get started by using our simple form to apply online - anytime day or night.

Dedicated personal service

Your personal Time Finance Loan Consultant will assist you every step of the way, starting with a meeting with you to complete the paper work. We will explain to you:

  • Your borrowing capacity
  • Your funds-to-complete requirements
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fees and Charges
  • Suitable loan features such as redraws and many more...
  • Early repayment penalties
  • And much more...

Saving your time and effort

Think of how long it would take you to sift through the brochures and sales material of just three or four different banks and lending institutions; now imagine doing that five or six times over!

Our job is to remove all your financial worries. This way, you can focus on more important things.

Technology advantage

We use a sophisticated software system that compares hundreds of loans and ranks them against your specific borrowing requirements.

This software, which is constantly updated from all lenders represented, compares your needs and preferences against all loans in the market, and provides details on loan features, interest rates and fees and charges.

Most importantly, we can provide you with an accurate cost of a loan in the long term, instead of just judging a loan on its current short term interest rate, honeymoon deals or other special offers.

The best choice

Because we represent a wide and diverse range of lenders, we are able to provide you with a huge range of hundreds of loans to choose from. It doesn't matter to us which loan you choose, so our satisfaction comes from making sure that we find you the best loan available for you based on your personal circumstances.

See our large panel of lenders.

Experienced service from dedicated professionals

Once you apply or contact us, one of our experienced Time Finance Loan Consultants will be in touch to discuss your options. With a vast network of professional consultants all around Australia ready and able to service your loan requirements, we are confident you will get the professionalism, guidance and service you need.

Giving you the answers you need

Our consultants offer straightforward, easy to understand explanations, giving you realistic answers to your questions and will discuss any issues or limitations you may have, and the strategy to help you resolve these.

Helping you understand

One aspect of searching for a home loan  that concerns many people is the jargon financial institutions use. What's the difference between principle and interest mortgages... offset accounts ... interest only mortgages ... Lenders Mortgage Insurance... redraw facilities ... lines of credit ... interest capitalisation?

It's our job to cut through all of the Lenders financial jargon and give you all the necessary information in plain English, so you can make an educated decision.

With hundreds of different loan products in the market from all lenders, it can be a daunting time to go shopping for a home loan if you are doing it yourself or don't know what to look for. The benefits of why you should use a professional Time Finance Mortgage Broker are guaranteed.

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Home loan calculators
Saving time & money with extra payments

Find out how much time extra payments will reduce the life and interest of your loan.

Extra payments calculator

More home loan calculators

Depends on the size of your deposit, the value of the property, and your servicing capacity (based on your income and how much you are able to repay).


Most mortgage lenders will require a deposit of 20% or more of the property price. Less may be required however will require mortgage guarantee insurance in most cases


Depends on the type of loan, intrerestr rate, payment term, and whether you pay monthly or fortnighly. Use us mortgage calculators to guide you.


Every state is different and may depend on the value, whether you are building or buying an established home. Read more in our FHOG article


It is a rate that includes both the interest rate and the fees and charges relating to a loan, combined into a single percentage figure that lets you compare loans from differengt lenders on a fair comparison.


This 'in principle approval' is usually valid for 3 months. Gives you the confidence on how much you can borrow before your purchase a property.


The cost of Stamp Duty varies between States and Territories. Subject to your personal loan circumstances, the cost of stamp duty can be included in the loan amount you borrow.

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